Be yourself. Move your way. Love your body.

If you just let yourself DANCE, your body will get what it needs!!

What is GROOVE

GROOVE Movement - it's a different way to workout that doesn't have you just following an instructor's dance moves... Instead, while a facilitator will give you the basic choreography, it's up to you to make each movement your own by adding exactly the style you want...  Whatever feels right for your level of fitness...


What is a typical class like

There is no wrong way to participate in this class!!  We use all genres of music.  Classes include a warmup, dance, stretch, a brief meditation and typically run about an hour. Wear comfortable clothing you can move in. Barefoot is preferred, but you can wear any sort of sock you won't slip in or an indoor only shoe if possible. Bring a yoga mat for stretching if desired. All fitness levels welcome!


What is GROOVE?